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A contemporary family growing from a legacy of artists; artists whose art has adorned the collections of prominent individuals. Angela Benita Pistrucci is the creative force and master artist, mentoring and working alongside her son and daughter, Jeremy and Bettina. The art of bas relief is in Angela and her family’s DNA. Angela’s skill and ability to capture life and transform it into clay gives her work masterful soul. A family that works closely with individuals and companies and are looking forward to continuing to share the family’s historic artistic traditions through the bottega and projects around the globe. Angela specializes in portraiture, sculpture, bas relief, architectural ceramics, product design and development.

Angela Pistrucci is a multi-disciplined fine artist, published poet, working primarily in sculpture but also has a deep passion for oil painting and drawing from life. With an experimental approach to all of her work she incorporates time honoured techniques with Italian renaissance gusto. Her vision begins by creating and formulating her own tools, supplies and mediums from basic formulas, materials and methods. Angela believes true mastery comes from knowledge of the formulas and applying this expertise to produce archival quality works of art. In 2016 Angela was given a prestigious scholarship to the Istituto Poligrafico Zecca Stato in Rome, Italy. She studied ancient techniques using materials made in studio much like Rembrandt or Zorn created their own paints and mediums. In 2017 she was esteemed with a commission for the first Gold Sovereign for the Nation Gibraltar, 2019 Gibraltar Sovereign, 2019 St. Helena Gold Sovereign and Guinea. In 2019 the work will be on permanent display at the Italian Mint Museum Rome, Italy along with her other works currently in the museum’s collection.

Benedetto Pistrucci (29 May 1783 – 16 September 1855) was an Italian gem-engravermedallist and coin engraver, probably best known for his Saint George and the Dragon design for the British sovereign coin. Pistrucci was commissioned by the British government to create the large Waterloo Medal, a project which took him thirty years to complete.

He became prominent as a cameo carver and was patronised by royalty.


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Istituto Poligrafico dell’Arte della Zecca

The centre is the only one of its type for artists seeking to specialize in the art of engraving and bas-relief. Teaching a heritage of art and technique dating back to the Italian Renaissance. Angela was honored to have been awarded the opportunity of being a student in her homeland.

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